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But while she accepted the gift, Kelly couldn't trust him again and found solace in playing Call of Duty as she adjusted to single life.

In an attempt to win back her forgiveness, he bought her the games console.

I was heartbroken when my long term boyfriend told me he had cheated on me.

He moved out taking his Playstation with him but came round a few days later with a replacement as a present and asked me to take him back.'Everything moved really quickly with Paul and pretty quickly we were moving in together.' Kelly said.

"If we were to suddenly say, 'Oh yeah, you can play cross-platform.

But you can't group up with or talk to any of your friends.' I think more of our players would be like, 'This is broken, it doesn't feel right,'" said "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard Entertainment in an interview earlier this year.


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